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As always we work hard to make our services safer, more reliable, more efficient and more in tune with your needs. Now it is again time to make our SmartDNS service even better!

Chili TV – hot VOD!

Chili TV might not be as famous as Netflix or not as popular as Hulu, but with time it might be an interesting alternative to those services. Netflix is awesome. No question about it. However the way it works has it downsides. Not all of us got enough time to justify paying for a month of service only to use it now and than. Also, even if you got time to actually watch a movie you might not find a blockbuster you are looking for at Netflix. It’s affordable price is also it’s curse. All the movies and TV series presented by Netflix are (with the exception of it’s own productions – 27.02!!!! – you now the date ;-)) at least few months old. So… what do you do if you want to just pay for one, fairly new production? You look for services like Chili!

This service started in 2012 in Italy and now has opened it’s subservice in Poland. Since we have a special DNS and proxy server in Poland that runs our Polish part of Smart DNS (let us know if you think Polish VPN is something you’d use) that lets you use Polish HBO Go, ipla and few other VOD services we thought… why not Chili.

With a little bit of effort on our side we are very proud to announce, that starting today you can rent movies and TV shows from Chili TV and watch them on all devices supported by them. As you know, once DNS settings are changed on your home router our Smart DNS all devices in your home network will be able to use our DNS unblocking feature.

Lastly, most of the movies that are available at Chili TV are available to watch with original soundtrack additionally you can either rent them or buy them – choice is in your hands.

And this is how once again our great Smart DNS got even better!

Smart DNS Chiili TV

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