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From time to time we write about other VOD services than Netflix. The second most popular is Hulu. And today we would love to bring your attention to two brand, new show that we think you might enjoy.

Hulu – what is it all about?

Hulu is one of the biggest players in VOD right next to Netflix. However its business model is more similar to Spotify user can either choose completely free service (even registration is not required!) or Hulu Plus which offer much wider array of show, movies and much better quality of steamed pictures. However Hulu, unlike Netflix accepts cards only issued in the United States.

But worry not! Free Hulu has still plenty to offer and you can easily access all it’s content via HideIPVPN’s fast US VPN servers or our Smart DNS unblock system.

So… what’s new  at Hulu?

For those of you who likes comics and superheroes there is brand new show (right next to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) called Marvel’s Agent Carter. It is a story of Agent Peggy Carter a non superhero character from Marvel universe. Let this information from rottentomatoes speak for the show:

“Focusing on Peggy Carter as a person first and an action hero second makes Marvel’s Agent Carter a winning, stylish drama with bursts of excitement and an undercurrent of cheeky fun.”

And if you are still not sure this is something you might like, try this trailer:

Second proposition we have different, a lot different. It is something we did not really expected.

Show is called Galavant and it was supposed to be a light comedy about a knight fighting to get his true love back. But as it seems it is a lot more!. If you like Glee and Monthy Python we are sure you will fall in love with Galavant.  It is light, it is funny, it is entertaining!

Now, since availability of all episodes on free Hulu is limited, make sure to watch them as soon as possible. And don’t forget to let us know if you liked them!

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