Unblock Hulu Windows 10 app

Hulu-windows-10-appIf you are already HideIPVPN user or first time visitor to our site, you might want to know about new offering from Hulu. Today, few words about how to unblock Hulu Windows 10 app.

Unblock Hulu Windows 10 – it’s easy!

In case you are new to whole “geo-restrictions” thing, let’s start with some basics. Hulu as you probably know is a great VOD service available for users in USA. For now there are no plans of Hulu expansion to a new markets. If you live in UK, Canada, Germany or anywhere else in the world you will not be able to enjoy Hulu on any device, unless you let us help you.

Unblock Hulu Windows 10

Hulu, like all other georestricted VoD services from USA (Crackle, HBO Now or Netflix) require user to connect to its servers with US based IP address. Since you are not in US it is obvious, that you do not have IP address from USA. Don’t worry  – we got your back!

Unblock Hulu Windows 10 app

There are two ways to unblock Hulu:

  1. First, is by using VPN service. In just few clicks you can connect to any of our US based VPN servers. Once connected, a virtual tunnel will be crated between you and VPN server. This way, Hulu service will see VPN as you and will allow you to stream any available content.
  2. Second way to achieve similar effect is called Smart DNS. If you would like to watch Hulu content on a device that doesn’t support VPN (for example Xbox One), than Smart DNS is your best bet. Again, it is easy to setup and what is more important, it is included for free in our VPN packages.

However, if you wish to only use Smart DNS, you can choose it as stand alone service. Bear mind, that VPN provides additional layers of security and privacy online.

Hulu Windows 10 is a great app!

If you own Windows 10 device (phone, tablet, PC) you should know, that Hulu updated its Windows 8.1 application. It used to work great on Windows 8.x devices but after an upgrade to Windows 10 lots of users reported problems. Now we have new Hulu application. As it is “universal” it will work on all your Win10 devices and you will get similar experience on all of them. That means, that no longer you you are forced to use browser to access Hulu content.

We have to say, that we like a lot the look of new Hulu app. New interface is very nice to look at and whole app is very pleasant to use.


You can try both Hulu and HideIPVPN services free of charge. In both cases you will like what you’ll get. Our free VPN trial account is active for 24h – without any further commitment.

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