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Marco Polo - Netflix original series

As you know, we at HideIPVPN really like Netflix. There are multiple reasons why, but two most important are – it is legal, users pay money and no one can say that you you are stealing from artists, copyright holders. Secondly it is super convenient. It is easy to use, great service that simply works. One can say that Netflix has changed the way we watch TV and movies in the same way iPhone has redesigned a smartphone back in 2007. Now there is one more reason to join Netflix.

Like “Game of Thrones” from HBO?

From everything we read about this (Netflix only!) production it just has to be great. Apparently it is next to “Game of Thrones” one of the most expensive productions of the TV series. Netflix has paid over 90 million dollars for the production of the first season of… “Marco Polo”

If you did like “Game of Thrones” there is a very good bet that you will love “Marco Polo”. Lets add to that that before Netflix bought the rights to the series it was originally a STARZ idea (remember “Spartacus”?). People involved in production of the series were also behind series like “Sopranos” and “True Blood”. So… lets put it simply, it can not be bad.

Now, the best part is, that with our VPN and SmartDNS service you will be able to unblock Netflix and watch “Marco Polo” anywhere on any device. What is more it is easy to do and it is really cheap.

Get VPN and SmartDNS on sale!

Right now, we have an ongoing, closing Thanksgiving sale. All our VPN plans and SmartDNS are 50% OFF. However this offer is “time sensitive” and will end soon. Setup of our service is super easy. In section “Setup” you will find easy to follow , step by step instructions for both VPN and Smart DNS configuration on different systems. If you’d run into any problems, contact us via support ticket or Facebook and we will help you. If you want to enjoy Netflix on your big LED TV screen all you need is a Netflix application (for PC, phone, game console or Android dongle) and a DNS setup on your home router. Again, extremely easy to do and will allow you to get independent from your TV provider.

With HideIPVPN you can hide your IP (encrypted VPN connection) and enjoy almost any video and music streaming service on almost any device. Can you find better offer? Try us, try Netflix – you will not be disappointed!

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