Unblock Music streamig services using VPN

unblock music using vpnA lot has changed in the way music is played these days. Offline music players have been replaced by online streaming services. Online music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and the likes have taken over the traditional methods of playing music. No longer do people rely upon their downloaded mp3s on their music players. All the latest music is available at your fingertips. With the launch of Apple’s music streaming service, Apple Music, the phenomenon of using streaming sites to listen to music, has seen an unprecedented rise.

However, if you’re travelling to some other location or are a resident of countries, where access to such streaming sites is unavailable, then you can’t enjoy the above mentioned services.

Fortunately for you, there are services like VPN that allows you to access any content from anywhere. This means that if you’re travelling to some other countries, then also you can access the services of such music streaming websites.

How to unblock music using VPN?

VPNs allows you to mask your IP address with another IP Address present in the countries where access to such music servers is available. Say, you wish to access Pandora, but you live outside the US. What do you do? You use a VPN connection to trick the Pandora server into believing that you are accessing the website from within the US.

How to set up a VPN?

VPNs can be set up across all platforms. However, methods of setting up the VPN, across different devices, may differ a little. Basically, you have two ways of setting up a VPN on your device: the manual method, and by downloading a VPN client.

Unblock music using the Manual method  – Under the manual method, you need information such as VPN Server name Username and Password. Then follow our tutorials for your device.

Unblock music using HideIPVPN client – Using a client to use VPN is one of the most fool-proof and easy-to-do methods. You can can download it here. Once installed just choose a VPN servers and press connect.  Now, access the music streaming site, and enjoy your favorite music!


Using the above methods, you can easily stream music from your favorite service. HideIPVPN services provide you with options to choose a server and provide you uninterrupted services throughout the day, without any bandwidth limits. The best way to access such music streaming servers using a VPN in by using a client. HideIPVPN is well known for providing glitch-free and uninterrupted services to its customers. Users have the option to choose from a long list of servers. Further, the SmartDNS technology provided by it gives you blazing fast speeds so that you enjoy music without worrying about buffers. US Smart DNS is bundled with it to take care of all your music streaming needs.

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