Netflix will introduce User Profiles

Unlcok Netflix with Smart DNSWe know that Netflix is very popular among our users. With that in mind we try to monitor what is going on around famous streaming service and bring you interesting news about it from time to time. Now, with our brand new SmartDNS service it is even easier to unblock Netflix form outside of US. In most cases you only have one Netflix account, that is shared between family members. It is quite obvious that once you have your VPN package or Smart DNS it will be shared between your devices or people in your household. We understood that for the very beginning and never made problem out of it. With our VPN packages and SmartDNS access you can use services like Netflix, Hulu or iPlayer at the same time. Netflix is just a bit more strict with its policy here. Simply, you should not stream more than one show at the same time. This does not mean however, that once your kid is done with watching cartoon you can not watch your favourite thriller or an action flick.

Problem with such shared account starts where Netflix recommendations come in play. Netflix system for recommendations is very good. But it only works in sensible way when one user operates the account. If you, your spouse and children are watching different things and have different interests, all you will end up with is a mess. Netflix knows this.

This is why, this summer Netflix will introduce separate user profiles for its customers. At this point we do not know if they will roll it out across all devices at once. So far, we have only seen updated iOS Netflix application for iPad. We would suspect that such change will be first available via web site access and afterwards all Netflix applications for other systems will be updated.

We think it is a great idea! Netflix profiles combined with our awesome SmartDNS (DNS unblocks Netflix instantly on all your gadgets!) will make streaming experience even better.

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