Unlock online TV in Italy

Sblocca Uniti e Regno Unito tv onlineAlmost everyone loves Italian food. Spaghetti, lasagne and pizza have conquered the world. But the same thing did not happen to Italian TV channels or VOD services. There is a lot of Italian descendants in USA that have immigrated there in the past. Today, young Italians are also looking at USA but in slightly different way. In most cases it is all about US TV online

Come guardare la tv gratis online?

First, three simple methods to watch free TV online. As stated above, the most interesting tv channels are in the USA. In order to watch them your IP address has to be changed to US region. Otherwise all US services will not work in Italy. And if you like watching TV shows in English you should also consider checking out UK TV on-line. So, how do you hide IP or how do you change IP region?

Cambiare IP italiano negli Stati Uniti o nel Regno Unito

First and oldest method is through proxy server. Problem with this solution is that it is not very secure and only works with browsers and small amount applications that support proxy connections. If you would need to use this method don’t worry – free proxy access is included in our premium service.

Second, most popular way is through VPN network. Through VPN connection you create virtual tunnel between your computer and VPN server. If you connect to US VPN server, it will act (similar to proxy) as intermediary between you and the rest of the internet. You can hide Italian IP. To outside world you will be recognized as US user, with US IP address. Also all your data exchanged with the internet will be hidden an encrypted (*).

Third method, best for watching free TV on-line is SmartDNS. With simple change of DNS servers addresses on your device or better yet your router all traffic directed at VOD, TV and music sites in US or UK will be rerouted by DNS server, so that all sites would work without a glitch.

Best sites you can access in US for free are: Hulu, Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, Sy-Fy and more. We would also suggest looking at Netflix option. With our SmartDNS and VPN service you will get access to Netflix in US and UK with single payment!

Best free TV sites in UK are: BBC, BBC iPlayer, IT, ITV Player, 4oD and (although not free) Netflix UK.

VPN in Italia – un motivo in più

(*) We have said above, that if you are connected to VPN your data are invisible. The most important part of this, that they are invisible to your ISP. Perhaps you will be able to confirm if this P2P and torrent – one strike policy has gone through in Italy. But even if it did not we assume it is not legal to download movies and tv shows from the internet in Italy. In such case VPN can be a great alternative…

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