Spotify to stream videos?

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Quite interesting story we have run into at Android Authority and Business Insider. Famous music streaming service Spotify (you may unlock Spotify through our UK VPN or US VPN servers) is looking for a ways to expand their user base and diversify income. Way to do it would be through video streaming service that will take on giants like HBO and Netflix. As you all know, Spotify is available to users in many European countries and is USA. Users from other part of the world can use service for free through VPN servers localized in countries where Spotify operates. In case of HideIPVPN this would be UK VPN, US VPN, NL VPN and DE VPN – as all of them will change your IP address. This means that if you are HideIPVPN customer regardless of the VPN plan you have or choose to have, you will be able to access all music offered by this service.

Back to gossip now. Spotify was lunched back in 2008 in Sweden, but despite many years it still can not break even and every single year it is not bringing profits. Considering that they got financial backup and very impressive streaming technology it is not surprising that they are looking for other ways to grow their user base and add new features to their service.

Because it is almost impossible to sign music artists as exclusive (as it is with video shows) they had to look elsewhere for such content. Example of Netflix shows, that streaming (only) video materials that belong to others can be risky. Copyright owners might not want to extend deal for another period of time or fees charged might change dramatically leaving no space for profit. This is why Netflix has decided to do exactly what its main competitor HBO did – produce its own content. So, far you can enjoy Lilyhammer and recently very famous House of Cards. This is what (reportedly) Spotify is planning to do. Right now they are looking for partners in this project and no doubt, they will find interested parties. All we can say  is that competition is good and we would love to see those plans become reality.

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