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There are very good chances that you might travel very soon. We wish you with all our hearts that it is a nice holiday trip not a business one, but regardless of it’s purpose VPN access is worth having. Today we will try to present some arguments – why.  We will try not to bore you to death with what VPN is. There is many articles and information  on our blog, about how VPN technology can enrich you daily internet use, help maintain your privacy and even secure your data. Also if you would have any questions about our VPN service, packages, etc – feel free to post you comment on our blog or Facebook/Google+ profile. We will gladly talk to you. So, lets assume that you know what VPN is and you have chosen your favourite VPN package. The only question that remains is  – why, do I need it in hotel and while travelling.

When travelling (especially abroad) most of the time you will be Free WiFi Hotspots – this means you do not know who has access to data you exchange with the world and sometimes can end like this: “VPN in real life“. VPN will help you secure your data and what you do in the web.

Secondly, in different countries hotels  got sometimes strict policies regarding Internet. Quite often Free Internet they offer has big limitations in order to force guests to buy extra packages. This means that hotels firewall might block you access to your favourite sites or simply they do block almost everything in order to avid potential problems like customers accessing porn sites, etc. It happened to us quite few times that we were not able to open sites (completely harmless), because hotels firewall assumed they look dangerous.

And lastly…holidays do mean you got some free time to yourself. To use it as you want, to relax. What if you feel a bit under the weather, you are tired of sight seeing or simply want to watch you favourite show. How can you access HULU or Netflix while travelling abroad? How will you catch up with new episode of Top Gear at BBC iPlayer? With active VPN it is not a problem.

If you think there  are other reasons or you happened to have problems in hotel that VPN could help fix – please tell us about it. Most interesting comments will be awarded with Free VPN access.

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