Use VPN servers when connecting to free Wi-Fi

We quite often talk to you about benefits of using VPN service, how can you change your IP address or how to unblock certain websites In this post we will try to show, that VPN connection can be also useful to those of you who travel a lot. First of all let us clear one important question some of you ask a lot – “Can I use my HideIPVPN account in different [than home where you registered] locations?”. Answer very, very simple – YES, you can! Not only you can do it (you can connect to our VPN network from any place in the world) but you should! This way, no matter what your data and IP are safe and hidden.

As you know all the information you exchange in the internet are quite visible, to you ISP, to hackers,scamers, etc. Every single day newspapers are printing stories about people who lost their identities [Identity Theft], money, privacy. The only reason this problem has not touched every single one of us is that there is so many of US and only so little of those “bad guys”. But counting on that statistics will save you and that you can stay invisible in the mass of other internet users is very naive. Especially now, when you travel, go out, with your netbook, laptop, tablet, smartphone… If you only use data bundle provided by your ISP then it is not that bad… but when you are abroad or in the city… you either wish to save money, data or simply get a better, faster connection. This is when Free Hotspots come to play.

First of all, ask yourself this – “How can I be sure that this “magic” opportunity, free unsecured network has not been set up on purpose, not by mistake?” Well, again, answer very simple – YOU CAN NOT BE.

In this case this free Hotspot becomes you ISP. As at home, he can see what you do and where you do it. When you connect your device to his network / server “He” knows everything about your device. What machine it is, what system is running on it, what browser you use, what sort of data you exchange. His equipment and software can fake traffic from websites you visit, it can direct you to not where you wanted to go but to scam/phishing websites prepared for the likes of you. In worst cases, all your ports can be scanned to see if any access to your computer can be obtained by unsecured ports or holes in your browser. Will you notice all incoming connections or such activity? We probably wouldn’t.  If you lower your guard you may not notice something is wrong before it is too late.

And all this can be so easily sorted… ALWAYS, when you connect to such networks the first thing you do, should be establishing connection with VPN server. In such case, when connection is active you are way more secure than before. As you know now your computer send and receives encrypted information (with help of one of VPN protocols) to and from our VPN server that you connected to. Hacker stays mostly blind.

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