VPN Android App update v1.2

VPN Android App update v1.2As you know we are always trying to make those small steps, that will make your life easier. VPN service with excellent price offering is exactly what you need. Next step was introduction of our Smart DNS service. Lastly, we have introduced free VPN apps for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android. Today important information about latest update to Android VPN app.

Bug fixes… bug fixes…

Although as far as we know you did not have a lot of problems with our VPN Android application some bug fixes were needed. Now, application should be a lot less troublesome and a lot more stable. If you have not used our Android VPN app yet click here for full installation tutorial. Especially in the light of the next point…

Pay for HideIPVPN service through Google Play!

We are very happy to announce that latest version of our Android VPN app allows you to use your Google Play account to purchase a VPN package. If you were hesitating with signing up to our services because of payment option available this should make all things a lot easier for those of you who are actively using Google Play service to buy apps and services.

As you can see below, whole process is very easy and user friendly. To start order process just press “ORDER NOW” button you will be prompted to type your e-mail address. Once you’re done just press buy and continue by selecting payment and paying.


If you have any questions about our service or application we are here for you: use mail, support ticket, live chat or Facebook to contact us. And if you happen to be here first time just install our free VPN app


And then try our VPN for free – no catches!

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