VPN Facebook News – be up to date!

VPN Facebook News - be up to date!Dear Friends, as you may have noticed we are quite active in social media. We use Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter to let you know about new posts or latest changes to our service. But Facebook have it’s own rules and sometimes tries to know better what you want to see on your Wall. If you want to make sure, that you do not miss any of VPN Facebook News, here is what you need to do. 

VPN Facebook News – is there a problem?

Back in the days, when Facebook service was growing, it was a lot more user and company friendly. Beside allowing you to stay in touch with your friends and mates, it also helped as a communication channel between you and your favourite services and sites.

Not any more. Now, like any other company it’s main target is profit for it’s shareholders. And because of that you get less and less news from sites and companies you are interested in. At least if those companies don’t spend your cash on Facebook ads. If that’s the case, you might not see any news from them any more. So we think it is a problem.

VPN Facebook News – why is it important?

We are not different from other online services. What we mean is that even in our case there might be times when one of our VPN servers is down. Or some site becomes inaccessible via Smart DNS. Knock on wood it did not happen recently but lets be honest here. It is possible.

In such case we want to make sure you always get all the news as soon as possible. That you know, what is going on and what you should if such even occurs. Also, you might want to know what’s new to our service or to privacy world in general. If you want to stay in touch with latest VPN Facebook news, here is what you need to do.

How to get HideIPVPN Facebook updates?

Go to our Facebook profile. Point your mouse to where “Liked” page is marked and make sure two options shown below are marked.

VPN Facebook News - be up to date!

We can not promise, that you will always get all the news, it is up to Facebook. But from what we can see there is a good chance, that most of the time they will show up in your news feed. One more suggestion we can make is – click “Like”, at least from time to time. This way Facebook will know that your are interested  in our news and you are engaging with our profile.


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