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BankIf you thought that future is still to come – meaning VPN is something you do not need, we got some bad news for you. We have come across quite disturbing news form one of Polish blogs (link to source below). It says about plans of one of big Polish banks regarding their customers, data and Internet. We have no doubts that all of worlds biggest corporations are working on such systems and in some cases they are already working for them.  Polish blog mentioned above was publishing an interview with young vice-chairman of the bank.In short bank plans are as follows. Bank will check its clients not only one the base of documents they leave with the bank but also on the base their on-line activity (are they on Facebook, do they write to different forums, do they write blog, etc.) Bank may ask telecom companies about customers – maybe only if they pay bills on time or maybe to check their browsing history? All those data will be combined together. Also Mr Vice-chairman said that they want to sell it to third party companies. All gathered data? And/or system? In any case system that will allow for gathering and analysing such amounts of sensitive data can and will in many cases lead to its misuse and abuse.

This is where VPN system comes to play. You do use antivirus & firewall software so that no one without your knowledge can access data you do not wish them to. On Facebook or other social media you publish and share only what you think you can, with your friends or in public posts. Your tear you name and address of the envelope before throwing away. You do all this yet, you don’t mind for everyone in the internet know where you are (for some who you are), you allow for your ISP to know every single site you visit.

What if “Head-hunter” company will ask “your bank” about your profile? What if they are told how much cash you spend on alcohol, entertainment, how big credit you have to pay back, what sort of sites do you visit (what is your psychological profile), etc., Sound scary? Get used to that because it is happening NOW.

This is why HideIPVPN services are so important and so valued. If you want to make sure that in 3 years no one will ask you about porn site you have visited 2 years earlier get yourself VPN today.

Hide your IP! Don’t get caught of guard. Not to mention, that use of VPN on mobile device is simply a smart thing to do!



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