VPN – legal or not?

Last updated on November 2nd, 2012 in News, VPN

Many of you is constantly enquiring if usage of VPN is legal, especially in countries like United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Canada, etc. You are afraid that, when through HideIPVPN services you will change your own IP you might be breaking the law. Let us assure you, that whenever you change your own IP for US IP, UK IP or German IP you DO NOT BREAK ANY!!! LAWS! 

Now, that we are clear on this let us tell you why. You need to know that VPN service as you know it is more like a side effect of what VPN tunnel was really invented for. A while ago, first big companies and corporations run into trouble of how to connect their computers that are outside of company network (in a physical way), so that it is fully secure, fast and convenient. You need to bear in mind that if you would be one of those big, big companies you would not want to exchange any date between company network/servers and alone standing computer via completely unsecured internet – read: unencrypted data via many intermediates. No, this is not something you would want to do. Hence, VPN tunnels – direct virtual connections came in useful. When you connect to VPN server or normal server in the company it is usually the end of your route, but we use the same technology (+ some others) to send your data further.

So, you get exactly the same benefits as the corporations – all your data, send and received is safe and encrypted, not accessible to anyone but you and your target (site you want to visit) but at the same time (like though above mentioned side effect) there are additional perks:
– you hide your own IP address – so, you can not be recognized and localized
– you can unblock and access sites (Netflix, Hulu, BBC, etc.) that were previously not accessible for you
– you can take full advantage of p2p and torrent sites
– you can use internet in full – as it was meant to be

As you can see, because of that it is not possible to ban VPN services like our in any way as this would affect “BIG BOYS” at the same time. This also means that you can change/hide your own IP address and replace it with US , UK or any other IP address as you please.
To find out how it all works, please try our Free US/UK/NL/DE VPN – you got 3h unlimited trial to test it.

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