Holidays with VPN – be smart, be safe!

Safe holidays with VPNSummer is on, you are or will be travelling a lot. So we thought that it might be a good idea to remind you few things about your safety and VPN in the Internet during holiday time. We imagine that all our customers are big fans of gadgets, technology, etc. – and this is why they have knowledge about VPN in the first place. We also hope that with your superior “know – how” of the “web ways” you will help your less technically skilled friends be safe and learn what is VPN, SmartDNS and how to use it.

Regardless of the fact how good we all are with gadgets it is worth to remind ourselves that everyone can make a mistake and become a victim.

Ale the reasons of why you use VPN at home should not be neglected when you go away, abroad. Especially then you should feel vulnerable and use VPN server as your additional safety net. Free WiFi hot spots quite often can be setup only in order to get to your computer / smartphone in order to steal your sensitive data. Remember story of one of our users?

Beside safety, VPN can be very useful if you are travelling to more exotic locations, like Middle East countries. Even if you get to use Free WiFi in hotel, it does not mean that you will get to access all your favourite sites. Facebook can quite often be banned. Not to mention that unknowingly you might do (online) something that is illegal in this particular country. If you do it via safety provided by VPN technology – no problem! In this post you can read a bit more about use of VPN in hotels.

Last hint is more of the entertainment nature. If you are going abroad there is a very good chance that you will loose access to al your favourite US & UK VOD services (also if you are form US or UK!). Luckily our brand new service – Smart DNS is a perfect solution to the problem.

The best part is, that right now you can take advantage of great summer sale of our world famous VPN & SmartDNS packages.

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