VPN servers quantity vs quality of service

HideIPVPN Smart DNS & VPN serviceToday short post about choosing your VPN provider.What to look at and finally – is the amount of VPN servers really that important? We believe that most of you, when choosing VPN provider is looking at a price of service. This is why HideIPVPN is doing its best to keep costs low and at the same time to offer you the most comprehensive service. Many of our competitors will flood you with lots of informations, the first will be number of VPN servers in different countries around the globe. Question is… Do you really need access to VPN server in exotic locations?

In case of VPN there are two things that motivate users to subscribe to VPN service. First is anonymity and privacy. Second, access to sites that are geo-restricted – like Hulu, Netflix, BBC, etc.

If you are looking at privacy, than all you really care is efficiency of actual VPN connection and number of protocols supported. It is much more important to have a choice of all VPN protocols than to be limited with one but on large number of VPN servers. Also, physical location of servers is very important. This is why we are always reminding you to test all servers available in the package in order to determine the most effective route. As all VPN servers have the same nominal capacity depending on your and theirs physical location you will get much different overall speed of connection. You can learn more about it in this post – VPN location.

It is also important to know if there is any truth behind number of servers provided in bold letters by VPN provider as part of their advertisement. In case of HideIPVPN it is very easy to check. As part of information about our VPN packages we also clearly list number of VPN servers as well as their location:

Overall we have 26 servers in different locations with free switch – meaning you can freely change connection between servers in your package. VPN servers are located as follow:

  • 9 VPN servers in North America (USA)
  • 9 VPN servers in Great Britain (UK)
  • 5 VPN servers in Holland (NL)
  • 3 VPN servers in Germany (DE)

More detailed information is available as description of each VPN package – you can find it here.

The last important thing is – Do you get anything EXTRA for you money?

In our case, the answer is YES. You do. We have recently lunched brand new, innovative service SmartDNS. SmartDNS option is offered as stand alone product but is also included in most of our VPN packages FREE of charge! This means that not only you have now choice of all VPN protocols, fast servers, access to proxy servers but also you can unlock many sites on devices without VPN support.

Make sure to check if other VPN service offers you that much for so little. Is it better to have SmartDNS option to use Pandora or Netflix or to have additional 100 of VPN servers in countries you have never heard of?

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