VPN service versus total anonymity & TOR

VPN service versus total anonymity & TORSome of you may have wonder about different aspects of VPN service and VPN use. Does VPN grants total anonymity? Or perhaps for my own protection I should be against VPN? If you indeed thought about such things, please read our opinion on the matter. 

VPN service and anonymity

The first and the most basic question is – does VPN connection grants total anonymity? To make things complicated for a bit longer – the answer is YES and NO at the same time. You need to realize that the answer in reality is not about service and technology, but rather about user itself. Here how it works. If You, as an average Internet user, use VPN because you are concerned about hackers and fishing. Because you worry your ISP is gathering to much knowledge about your online activity or you want to limit amount of so called “BIG DATA” collected by large, world corporations, the answer is YES.

A good VPN service and properly encrypted VPN connection will grant you almost total anonymity and invisibility online. After all there is no one out there looking specifically for you. As long as you stick to the rules – like don’t use unknown free VPN or free proxy. Don’t break the law (to be clear – going through geographical blockade of VOD service does not break the law!) and use trustworthy VPN provider.

Criminals do not use VPN…

However, if you know, that what you want to do is a crime, you also realize that you will become a specific target for authorities. And because of that, you will not use VPN only. Especially that in most cases that would be a breach the “Terms of service” created by many providers. One more reason why true criminals do not use VPN is the fact, that VPN servers are offered and maintained by actual companies. And those need to uphold the law under which they operate. There are many ways for authorities to find specific people online. They are not easy to implement. They are time consuming and they consist of different tools that collect and search for information from many sources on different levels. Together, with time they might be successful. This is why criminals do not use VPN but rather TOR and “dark net”. But in order to use such thing you need to be skilled yourself.

TOR vs VPN service

If you simply use free VPN or TOR over reliable VPN you may end up in more trouble than you were before. Free VPN or free proxy – we have talked about it dangers of free VPN service not that long ago – no point of doing it again now. Similar dangers awaits for inexperienced TOR users. The simplest example of that is the “exit node problem”. When you connect to TOR network your own PC might become an exit node. It is one of the exit points for anonymous network you wanted to use. In another words, your computer with your IP address will be the connecting point between open Internet and the other anonymous computers in TOR network. You of course will use a different exit point. If that happens, how will you can be sure that your IP address is not being used to commit a crime? Don’t become a scapegoat. That’s why we advise you to stick to VPN. It is safer.

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