You can prevent cybercrime!

We have been asked by our Friends from VPNRanks to share some interesting info with you. We can bet that a lot of you have heard about Cybercrime, hackers, etc., but perhaps not all of you realize how serious situations actually. 

Get & use VPN before you become a victim!

In the graphic below you will see % of different types cybercrime. We would like to focus you attention on following:

  • Wi-Fi hack – 2.1%
  • DNS Hijacking – 6.3%
  • Unauthorized access – 17,9%

In total that makes a over 26% total cybercrime. What is more, this is exactly the way YOU can be affected. You might not care to much about DDoS attacks, we do. You do not have a servers, that can be a target of such attacks, servers that are used by customers on daily basis. But you should care about above mentioned ways of internet crime because of two reasons. First of all it is good to know that the Internet is much less secure as we all think when we sit in front of monitors or play with our gadgets. Second of all it is even better to know that although (as with everything else in life) we can not make ourselves 100% secure we can reduce the risk with help of VPN and (surprisingly!!!) SmartDNS technology.

Why VPN increases security?

Active VPN connection makes all data exchanged with the internet a lot more secure. They are all encrypted and no one can see what you send, what you receive and where to is your data flowing or where from coming. It might not be that important at home if you do not visit doggy websites, download doggy software but this is not the case when you use public Wi-Fi networks. Quite often they are fully opened to anyone or their only security is password. A password that you and hackers can easily obtain. A proper secure VPN is really a “must have”.

Why SmartDNS increases security?

As we wrote above private users are not servers that are target of different types of attacks. However criminals are clever. If they can not get to your computer directly, they will try to get to your router. Attack that uses weak points of different types of routers is still very popular. What it does it is change of DNS setting on your device without your knowledge. Once it is done and you request to connect your bank site you might be redirected to a completely different place in the internet – fake bank site or simply a site with lost of phishing software on the website. Or… you will get to your bank site, but all information exchanged will go through special proxy server. But if you use Smart DNS on your router to unblock US Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, etc. and such thin will happen you will see that simply SmartDNS is not working and update of IP is not helping. This is exactly what happened to one of our staff members. Only after checking DNS setting on router he realized that someone broke in and changed them for different ones.

Check out graphic below, make your VPN active and stay safe. Remember, your IP is your ID!


Graphic copyrights: VPNRanks

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