Suprise – VPN and SmartDNS sale continues

Thanksgiving closing saleWe would not be called the best VPN provider if we would not always make this additional one more step to help our customers out. In real life you get short period of promotion and sales and if you do not make it in time you are out. We hate that ourselves. Sometimes when we realize that we can get a good deal on something promotion is over and we are left with nothing.

If you just happen to learn about VPN or Smart DNS technology. How you can hide your IP with VPN, how you can change your IP address with VPN and unblock restricted content. Or perhaps you have learned that there is SmartDNS technology that will allow you to enjoy the likes of Netflix and Hulu on your TV outside USA we got great news. Although official period for Thanksgiving & Black Friday sales is over HideIPVPN has decided otherwise.

We are giving you one more week of VPN sale. Right now you can get 50% OFF of our VPN & SmartDNS packages.

Where all other VPN providers have stopped their sales and promotions our special offer is still active. And (as we said) if you are new to this whole VPN thing try us free! You can get 24h free VPN trial and 7 days free SmartDNS trial. Just remember, that our sale has a time limit on it.

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24 hours
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Encrypt your traffic.
Enjoy your privacy.
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Smart DNS Trial

7 days
196 Unblocked websites.
Unlimited devices.
Original ISP speed.
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