Windows & macOS VPN software update – v5.0.6

Important news for all HideIPVPN users. We are lunching new, updated version of our free VPN application for Windows and macOS. As always, you can expect few internal improvements and some other changes, that should improve your overall VPN experience. One of the more visible and significant changes you will notice is change to all VPN server names. 

What’s new?

We are happy to announce that our free VPN software for Windows and macOS gets a new version today. Expect your app to update on restart to version 5.0.6. You can also get refreshed version of our software – if you are still running version 4.x – from here: free VPN software.

What have we changed? Although our new free VPN application series 5.x was a great improvement over previous version you can expect edition 5.0.6 to be even more stable. The most significant change comes with VPN server names.

Quite often you ask as about the location of our VPN server. Of course, you wish to use VPN server closest to you and knowing where they physically are would help – find out here, what factors affect VPN speed? Until now we were naming our servers as UK1, UK2, USA3, USA4, etc… That, we know, was not very helpful. Starting today all our VPN servers are renamed to give you a clue where they are. So, how will it look like now?

UK1 becomes London, Big Ben

US1 becomes Manassas, VA Battlefield

And so on. The complete list of names and locations of all our VPN servers can be found here. Updated versions of our Android and iOS VPN apps are coming soon.

Get new software, use VPN 24/7, try it free!

We urge all of you still using HideIPVPN software 4.x series to uninstall it and to download the latest version of our app. Beside improved safety and stability you will benefit from new functions including auto-update feature.

Our VPN service is unlimited – make sure you use it continuously.  Better be safe than sorry. And remember, you are welcome to try our services before subscribing. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to give you all the information you need.

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