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uTorrentIn many countries usage of torrent and P2P networks and downloads of files from such sources can be very risky. USA, UK, France and others have quite strict policies in this regard. One does not have to look far. Even latest initiative in US that we have wrote about on our blog is very questionable. Luckily you have HideIPVPN! And yes, we can help you with that. HideIPVPN is a service that through network of VPN servers helps to hide your real IP address and maintain your identity hidden at all times when you are connected to world wide web. This means that whatever you do in the Internet stays between you and sites you visit. No one – nor your ISP, nor any organization spying on internet users in torrent networks will have access to who you are.

HideIPVPN VPN packages have been carefully crafted so that all users can find a VPN package that will suit their needs. What’s more, if you are looking for Free VPN solution we might also help. But before we get to Free VPN for torrents let us tell you about our Premium VPN packages.

If you are not interested in anything else but torrent downloads we would recommend that you choose our premium VPN for torrents. This package guarantees that all your downloads and uploads will be (almost) as fast as your own broadband connection. You will have access to 5 different VPN server located in Holland (NL VPN). All of them offers you awesome connection speeds as well as unlimited traffic (both ways).

If on the other hand, from time to time you like to watch a movie or TV show on Netflix, HULU, BBC or other geo-restricted site you should choose Premium VPN US/UK/NL. This package will also grant you access to additional 10 VPN servers (5 in USA and 5 in UK). With all US and UK web sites opened and completely anonymous torrent uploads and download this is one of the most versatile VPN packages you can find.

If Free Torrent VPN caught your eye above the way to get on is simple. “Like” us on Facebook or join us at Google+ and you will be able to (easily) win one in contests that are organized by us quite frequently.

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