VPN and trust go together

Sometimes promising too much is a mistake. But similar mistake is taking everything you read over the internet as granted. Subject of trust, anonymity and VPN has already been present on our blog. We hope that the way we communicate with you is the honest and right one. Now you may wonder why we revisit this topic today. The reason for it are recent news regarding one of the bigger VPN providers. So, VPN and trust – how do they fit with each other? 

Don’t trust VPN…

Or at least do not trust it blindly. Especially if what VPN provider says looks a bit “over the top”. If you go through posts on our blog you will find articles about free VPN and how it’s never really free about things to consider, regarding the risk or free VPN services. At that time, you may have thought “Oh, they only say this to scare me”, well we didn’t. And as it happens we have another – after Hola incident linked above –  proof of this.

VPN provider Hotspot Shield (owned by Anchor Free) has been accused of misleading marketing – read lying to its customers and public – as well as misconduct of user information. A formal complaint to FTC – Federal Trade Commission – was was filed by advocacy group called Center for Democracy and Technology. CDT claims that Hotspot Shield is in violation of  Section 5 of FTC Act – engaging in deceptive practices. CDT says users data are being sold without their knowledge or consent and that claims, that VPN providers “guarantees complete anonymity” are false. What’s more it says that even things like users own IP address are not considered “personal information”. We will be looking closely at how this evolves and what will be the outcome of this complaint.

VPN and trust – choose VPN wisely!

VPN market is full these days. Hundreds of companies is trying to make a “buck” on VPN, privacy and anonymity. The hardest part is not to get people to trust – with enough money and marketing it is actually quite easy. Free VPN, false advertising all this will bring revenue. The bolder claims, the more aggressive ads – the better. The hardest part is not to fail and disappoint clients.

We work every single day to deliver you exactly what we promise. And we promise only what we can deliver. Remember the time, when Netflix went on war against VPN providers? Many users have left companies that did not promise to keep unblocking Netflix and did not guarantee access. We tried for as long as we could. At that time, we never said to anyone “join us, we will unblock Netflix. We promise!”. Even now, we clearly state that we are unable to guarantee access to any VOD or music service. We will do what we can to make it happen. But we will not lie to you about what we actually can do. We do not moderate comments on Facebook or on our blog. Each and anyone of you may ask us anything and both – question and answer will stay there for others to read.

Don’t take just our word for it…

Alex A. – Great service! Highly recommended ;

Ryan B. – While this VPN provider tends to be on the more expensive side, I would say this is one of the best VPN service providers out there. I’ve been with them for years now. Only issues I had with them was the Netflix issue, which all VPN providers had.

Jan N. – Everyone praises speed and quality of HideIPVPN and of course it is the truth! But I would like to pay attention to their support team. In my professional career I have a lot of contact with suppliers and software vendors. But no company (including the largest it companies!) have quick reaction and solutions as hideipvpn team! Great job!

These are only few of the reviews we got. We truly hope you will try our services, become fully committed customer and that you will do us the honor and write your own review for others to read. And if you are our client already perhaps you would be so kind as to share your thoughts about us and our services! If you could spare us few minutes to voice your opinion, please go to our customer reviews page – where you can also check what others think about us.

Try before you buy – try VPN!

This is also why we more often ask you to try our service, than to buy VPN. We always want to treat you as partners and as we would wish to be treated ourselves. So, if you happen to visit our blog for the first time, looking for your new VPN provider. Give us a try – we do not promise you Netflix, or that our servers will never crush. What we do promise is  honesty and that we do our best to make your VPN experience a good one.

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