VPN, Video Streaming and iPad

Today’s post should be very interesting to all of you who own iPad 1 or iPad 2 (but if you own a PC you can read it as well). For some of you who read our post here some of those information might be known but for the rest of you it might be something new. Nevertheless  all you need to know is that when you combine iPad with a proper VPN service like ours it will make for an excellent device for watching movies and shows. Since HULU in its free version is not available for iPad (but, you can connect your PC to any of our US VPN servers and enjoy Hulu for free!!!) a lot of folks around the globe are wondering – how to watch those shows? Well, we tell you how (at least some of them).So, you have your iPad, all your VPN connections are set up, what now? Maybe you would like to watch something? If so, have a look at these apps (here you can find out how to setup account with US iTunes or just Google).

First one is the ABC Player.

ABC Player for iPadAs ABC partially owns HULU but since recently it seems that ideas about the future of HULU are uncertain TV networks that owns service have also started to stream their productions by themselves. Most (if not all) show presented at HULU and produced by ABC are also available to watch through ABC Player. Unfortunately you can not set-up account with the service to get notification as you would or do with HULU. Never the less if you have an iPad and you were wondering how to watch new season of Desperate Housewives look no further. Download the app, connect to any of ours US VPN servers and watch all that ABC Player has to offer. For Free!

Next to go is a completely new service – NBC Player

NBC Player

And again, as above we may only assume that since NBC feels that future of HULU is not sure (service was/is for sale) and (although reluctant) need to stream its content they are now offering their shows also for iPad owners. And yes, you are correct – for free! On the picture below you can see the list of all current shows available with the service.

NBC Shows

According to our knowledge they should all be available to stream online, as long as you have a US IP. Please bear in mind that episode availability might be limited (as it is with HULU), but since it is for free we are not going to complain. One of the show that we can definitely recommend to you is Saturday Night Live. And now, all news season you can watch in your bed, garden (well, wherever you are) on your iPad!

And last, but not least, something for movie fans. Both applications above are TV focused. The last one we want to recommend as the must have one and the one to use with our service ic Crackle!


Mr. Deeds, Defendor, Bad Boys, A Few Good Men and again a lot of great TV shows like Seinfeld or Married with Children – ale there for you.

All you guys need to watch all those goodies are two things: iPad or PC (if devices with Android Honeycomb can also work please, let us know as we can not test it at the moment) and a VPN Package with access to US servers. Remember, beside the entertainment value VPN is also improving your safety and anonymity over the internet.

Your IP is your ID!

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