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Great news today for all TV and film lovers! Right now, if you have VPN package equipped with our crazy, fast UK servers you can enjoy new channels from British “4”. Until now many of you were forced to watch only what this station set as available in VOD system known as 4oD – 4 on demand. Right now, large portfolio of “Ch 4” channels is open to the internet community with option watch live.

When connected to any of our UK servers you can choose and watch the likes of: Channel 4, More4, 4Seven, E4 and a very good film channel Film4. The last one should really be interesting to all of you who would like to enjoy a good evening movie. Simply go to Film 4 web site and you can see for yourself what sort of titles you might enjoy.

In the post about Paralympic Games broadcast we have told you that you might encounter some difficulties with streaming. Beside checking your IP address, Channel 4 site is also checking “timezone” you have set on your computer. Exit site, clear cookies and history, change timezone on your system and re- enter.  We have some difficulties with this when we were using Google Chrome. On Internet Explorer and FireFox however, we did not notice any problems of this kind.

So, what do you have to do to watch those channels.

  1. Get yourself any of our Premium packages with access to UK servers.
  2. Setup your VPN connections (if you are using Windows simply  – download & install our VPN software, log in and connect)
  3. Go to Channel 4 site, choose channel you want to watch.
  4. Relax! 🙂

Remember, that when you browse internet while connected to our VPN servers your identity and real life IP address are hidden. Using our services requires no contract and you may choose a different package at the end of every billing period.

We also advise you to keep a close eye on our Facebook and Goolge+ profile. We do announce different types of giveaways or simply award you with free extended access from time to time – it is worth to “Like” us ;-).

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