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In the recent days and post we have informed you about new VOD services that we have added to our US unblock, UK unblock and unblock Poland service that we simply call – Smart DNS. Today another post on similar subject but still…. a little bit different.

Unblock Polish cartoons – Polskie bajki online!

How is today upgrade of our Smart DNS service different? First of all, unlike with pervious presented services ipla and Chili (check out recent posts on our blog) all materials, that you will be able to watch at are 100% free of any charges. No registration is necessary in order to watch the content. Secondly all the materials presented on this site are for children only!

Let’s imagine, that for some reason you’d wish your children to watch some cartoons in Polish. Maybe you are of Polish origin living abroad? Most of you in such situation would simply use YouTube for this purpose. But as you know it has some downsides. Simply, there are risks involved that you should not forget about.

If you give your kid a computer, phone or tablet to have this precious 30 min for yourself after some time, even involuntary they might start watching something that is definitely not for them.

Such sites like might be just what you are looking for. Until now to unblock such content abroad, outside of Poland you would need a VPN o

Site is designed in very simple way and you do not have to worry about any dangerous software as it is part of one of the biggest internet portals in Poland –

Children have a choice of some Polish classics like “Zaczarowany Olowek”, “Przygody kota Filemona” or “Przgody Bolka i Lolka” as well as some modern titles like “Johnny Quest” or “Iron Man”. We are pretty sure that  children of all ages, girls and boys will find there something they like.

If there are any other Polish, British or US VOD services that you’d wish us to unblock – let us know!

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