How to watch Euro 2016 online?

Last updated on May 31st, 2016 in News, SmartDNS, VPN

How to watch Euro 2016 onlineWe know, that all football fans in Europe are getting more and more excited everyday, with upcoming Euro 2016 Championship. To help you watch your national teams fight for the Euro crown we have prepared short tutorial – how to watch Euro 2016 online. Euro 2016 will start on the 10th of June, so there is not much time left to get ready for all the football action. As it is time of holiday travels and some of you will be stuck at work you might want to know how to get Euro 2016 broadcast online.

How to watch Euro 2016 online from anywhere in the world?

In order to cover all possibilities – we will describe them below –  you should get our Premium VPN & Smart DNS package. This way you will have access to all VPN servers and all IP addresses that we offer. Additionally, you will be able to use our Smart DNS service in case you’d want to watch Euro 2016 on devices that do not support VPN. As this post is mostly about Euro 2016 online, if you have any questions about VPN or Smart DNS please contact us or search our blog for more information.

Where to watch Euro 2016 online?

Depending on device you want to use, please connect to one of our UK VPN servers or use Smart DNS. This way you will be able to access BBC channels live as well as BBC iPlayer. BBC has TV rights to show all Euro 2016 games in United Kingdom.

Second source you can use to watch Euro 2016 games free online is German TV ARD. In order to access this site, please connect to one of our German VPN servers. With German IP address you will have full access to all German video streaming services.

Third way, that we know of will allow you to enjoy Euro 2016 matches online through Polish VPN servers. Once connected, with Polish IP address you can access following services:

  • – that streams live TV broadcast form many Polish TV channels. Via Videostar you can watch some games at TVP (national Polish TV) and Polsat (Polish commercial broadcaster).
  • access to streams form TVP can also be found directly at TVP website – please connect to to access those streams
  • In Poland Polsat (got all the right to Euro 2016 games) and TVP will show only some of the games free. If you want to watch all games broadcasted in Poland you will have to subscribe to premium service – Ipla VoD (Polsat owned).
  • Register at Ipla Euro 2016 and for 99,00 zl (approx. $25,00) you will get access to all Euro 2016 games (however we think only Polish commentary will be available).

We suggest to those of you who want to watch Euro 2016 online to test both VPN and Smart DNS before the games begin. Make sure you are all set before the first whistle. Remember, you are more than welcome to test our services for free by getting our 24h free VPN trial account.

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