How & where to watch F1 2017 online?

Last updated on April 3rd, 2017 in News, SmartDNS, VPN

Although a bit late this year, here is our simple guide to F1 online TV broadcasts. Australian GP is already behind us. Win of Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari in the first race of the season brings us hope that, this year we will see a proper fight on the track. So, if you want to join us for the rest of the season, here is how and where you can watch F1 2017 online. 

How to watch F1 2017 online?

Ok, few technical reminders before we get to the 2017 F1 calendar and online streams. Each source we list for you below requires an IP address from the same country it operates in. You might think, why should I get VPN if there is so many pirate sources in the internet. True, but only to a point. First of all VPN and Smart DNS are very useful on daily basis anyway. They should be an important part of your online security system – just like antivirus and firewall. Secondly, it is not that easy to find sources that will offer you a decent quality of streams. But most importantly pirate sites that offer hacked tv broadcasts are quite often very dangerous to your online safety. So, even if you decide to use such site to watch F1 2017 online, accessing it via VPN is highly recommended.

With VPN you can easily change your local IP address to and IP address from a different country. In order to watch Sky Sports or Channel 4 you will need UK IP address. Of course to watch Eleven Sports, iPla and you will need to change your IP address to Polish one. Alternatively to UK VPN you may use Smart DNS. As VPN it will allow you to access all above mentioned sources. Below you can find direct links to all websites:

Sky Sports – Now TV, Channel 4, ElevenSports – also available at iPla and

Remember: Channel 4 requires additional trick in order to work. Beside having UK VPN or Smart DNS active, you need to change time zone (region) in your Windows settings for UTC +0:00

watch F1 2017 online

When to watch F1 2017 online?

Below we present you with F1 2017 race calendar. Please note, that you will be able to watch all  races via Sky and Now TV as well as Polish Eleven Sports. Only some races – like in previous season can be watched at Channel 4.

Formula 1 live on TV: 2017 race calendar


Where else can you watch F1 2017 online?

As you all know, our VPN service also allows you access to VPN servers in other countries than just UK and Poland. If you wish, you can change your IP with the use of following: VPN for torrenting, France VPN, Canada VPN, USA VPN. If you know sources in those countries that will allow others to watch F1 2017 online, please share with us in comment section below. Those of you, who had not used our VPN & Smart DNS service yet are most welcome to try it for free!


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