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Watch F1 2014 free

Another F1 weekend with BBC is here. We thought it is a great opportunity to remind you about few things in regard of our service and ask you very important question. To find out all, keep reading…

As you all know, all F1 races are broadcast by SKY television. This makes things complicated for all of us as in order to watch you need to be SKY subscriber. We understand that not all of you might be luck enough to find someone who will be willing to share their SKY Go access. However for those of you who were great news is that both SKY’s services – SKY Go and NOW TV are fully unblocked and you can access them from abroad via our proxy & DNS service – SmartDNS.

Now, if you are not as lucky we would like to remind you that not all is lost. Both with our UK VPN (you can hide your local IP and acquire UK IP address) and above mentioned SmartDNS you can unblock BBC TV.

BBC TV channels – BBC One, BBC Two and VOD service iPlayer – can be watched free without any limitations (although you should have British TV licence). Unlimited access to BBC programming means that you can watch at least some of the 2014 F1 races live. Including current GP.

  • 7 September: Italy (Sat 12:10 – 14:30 Qualifications; Sun 12:10 – 15:30 Race – UK time)
  • 5 October: Japan
  • 12 October: Russia (*)
  • 23 November: Abu Dhabi

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Rules are very simple. All our VPN and SmartDNS packages in monthly billing cycle (only!) are 25% cheaper! What is more, discount on your account will be recurring for 3 months. To get 25% OFF desired VPN or SmartDNS packages use the code: “WATCHF1NOW” (SmartDNS access is included in some of our VPN packages for free!!!).

And now to the most important question….

What do you think about Russian GP in Sochi?

As you all know we have currently a war between Russia and Ukraine. We think, that all the things Russia does and says on the subject are not right and the world should say NO to what is going on with all means it can. We know from our grand parents about horrors of Second World War, we have enough of war and unnecessary death in other parts of the world. We also understand how Russia in the times of USSR and currently is running its external and internal politics (this is why more and more Russian internet users are seeking safe VPN services like ours!).

Do you think that Russian GP should be cancelled or current situation is not a reason good enough? If F1 will decide to hold GP in Russia will you watch it or will you boycott it?

We will run poll on Facebook so that you can show your opinion on the subject.

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