Watch 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil live!

Last updated on June 9th, 2014 in News, Proxy, SmartDNS, VPN

Watch FIFA 2014 World Cup free BBC ITVThere are very exciting times just days ahead of us. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil starts at 9th of June. With and through HideIPVPN you will be able to watch it live on any of your internet enabled devices! But that is not all!!! Such an extraordinary even asks for special celebration. Ours is special promotion of all our VPN and SmartDNS plans! 

Where to watch 2014 FIFA World Cup online?

Let us start with one very important information – there may be other TV sites offering #WC2014 live streams in high quality but we simply do not know about them. If you however do know other sources that can be used with our VPN network, please do not hesitate to share with us.

For now, two main sources for live stream of FIFA WC2014 Brazil games are UK BBC and ITV. Both channels offer an excellent quality of streams and truly amazing way of showing sport events. However in both cases, if you want to access their Live (and on demand) video streams you will need IP address from UK (ITV and BBC restrict their broadcast regionally). There are two ways to unblock BBC and ITV abroad.

Use VPN to unblock BBC and ITV WC2014 coverage!

VPN is one of the most versatile and popular ways of unblocking access to geographically restricted services. You create VPN connection (or use our free VPN software), connect to desired VPN server and your IP address from abroad is hidden behind UK IP address. from now on you can watch UK TV and surf in complete anonymity.

Use proxy and DNS – SmartDNS!

Not all of you are concerned with privacy issues or, even if you are the device you want to use for watching the game does not have VPN support. whatever is the reason we do have a perfect solution for you. Very user friendly, very easy to use. We call it SmartDNS. It is a special DNS server, that either direct traffic to the requested site (like any other DNS server does) or in case of blocked sites like ITV or BBC, it directs parts of your traffic via super fast UK proxy server. This way, with simple one time setup you can access all UK video and music sites. In this case BBC and ITV to watch football games.

2014 FIFA World Cup VPN and SmartDNS promotion!

Our World Cup offer is very simple and we hope appealing at the same time.

All our VPN and SmartDNS plans are 25% OFF (any billing cycle, any plan) and discount will be applied to your first THREE!!! payments.

Promotion is held from 09.06 – 24.07.

In order to get one of the promotional packages, please use code “WC2014” during registration.

Below you can find TV schedule of games that you can watch LIVE at BBC and ITV through our UK VPN or SmartDNS.

FIFA 2014 World Cup at BBC & ITV schedule

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