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blogWe have very interesting news for all customers interested in watching Polish TV online. With current update of you will have now even more too choose from.

How to watch Polish TV online?

Before we get to what changed with let us remind you first, how you can watch Polish TV in the Internet. As with US or UK TV you need either Polish IP address or access to fast Polish proxy server. Both are available with our service. In order to change your IP address to Polish you need to use our VPN service. Recently we have introduced a new, fast VPN server located in Poland. It is available either in our (new as well) Poland VPN package. When you live abroad (USA, UK, Canada, Germany, etc.), you can easily get Polish IP address. Once connected to Polish VPN you can use all Internet services available in Poland. Alternatively you can use our Smart DNS service (included in above mentioned plan or available as stand alone option) to access Polish TV and VOD services.

What Polish TV services can I use?

Beside, that we will get to in a moment, don’t forget about other great choices. There is, HBO Go Poland, Chili TV Poland and great for watching live Polish TV – All of them can be accessed via our Smart DNS or Polish VPN server. – what has changed?

Until recently, premium plans were only available for customers of T-Mobile Poland. Now it looks like wants to take on and we think it might also have something to do with Netflix invading Poland soon. New plans, that will allow you to watch Polish TV online are Player Plus with Live TV, Player Kids and Player Sports. Price ranges form 5 zl to 15 zl, so they are not very expensive. And here is what they offer.

Player Plus with Live TV: best TVN shows without any ads, TVN productions made exclusively for and also 5 TV channels live – TVN 24, TVN 24 BIS, TVN Style, TVM Meteo Active & TVN Turbo.

Player Kids: over 400 hours of different cartoons and TV shows for kids of different ages. As above – no ads!

Player Sports: unlimited access to live Eleven and Eleven Sports channels.

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