Watch Rio Olympics online with VPN

Watch Rio Olympics online with HideIPVPN!Rio 2016, this year Summer Olympics are almost here. We thought it might be a good idea to let you know where and how you can watch Rio Olympics online. Before we get to details we need to ask you a favor. This post will be updated with new information once we got everything truly confirmed. If you know legal sources for Olympics streams in USA, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands and Poland – please let us know, so the we can add them to this tutorial.

Rio 2016 Olympics games are due to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 5 to 21 August 2016.

How to watch Rio Olympics online in secure way?

The answer to this question is very simple, however choice of method will depend on your location, the source you want to access and device you want to use for streaming.

In most cases the best solution will be a VPN. A technology that replaces your real IP address with the an anonymous IP. It also encrypts the data you send to and receive form the internet. So if you live in UK, USA or Poland and want to access local TV/VOD services in secure way, especially when you are using public networks – get secure IP address provided by VPN from UK, USA, Poland etc. This way you will still have the same, national IP address you had before but now it will be fully anonymous and a lot more secure.

Second method, good to use at home if you want to use devices with no VPN support is Smart DNS. It also hides your searches from your local ISP.

Where to watch Rio Olympics online?

gbIf you live in UK to use with UK VPN and UK IP address: at the moment our best guess and assumption is BBC One and Two live streams and BBC iPlayer. Alternatively you can watch BBC channels at or

plIf you live in Poland to use with Polish VPN and Polish IP address: at the moment we are awaiting confirmation but we can presume four sources to watch Rio Olympic Games. – website that belongs to Polish National TV. Ipla Sport and/or Sport – two commercial Polish VOD platform (it is possible you might be forced to pay for access) and lastly – – website streaming live broadcast from Polish TV channels

deIf you live in Germany to use with German VPN and German IP address: ARD or ZDF should be streaming Rio 2016 live online. For sure there should be more sources and if you know them for sure just let us know.

frIf you live in France to use with French VPN and French IP address : as far as we can tell France TV Sport should be the best place to watch Rio Olympics online through our French VPN.

Once we know more we will update this post.

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