Watch VOD & TV with French IP address

French IP addressAs most of you probably knows, few days ago our best VPN plan has been enriched with new French VPN server. That means that if you connect to French VPN your device will surf the internet with French IP address. Why is it important?

General benefits of VPN use (including French IP address)

We have talked about this many times in the past. But as Internet gets more and more controlled on one side and dangerous on the other, we feel it is always a good idea to advise you about VPN use on daily basis.

Almost all our devices connect to the internet. The amount of data we store on the devices itself and in the cloud rises every day. Documents, passwords, bank logins, mails, photos… you name it. Any breach in our security and privacy could lead to a disaster. This is why any additional security feature should be welcomed and used on daily basis.

VPN is such feature. It protects you IP address from anyone who might be interested in gathering information about you. Because all VPN traffic is secured and encrypted through VPN protocols it makes very hard to either brake into your device or (especially if you are using unsecured networks, even WiFi at home) to brake into the data stream you exchange with the internet.

Additional benefits of French IP address

Great thing about VPN is that it is not only this boring stuff about security, privacy, anonymity and safety. VPN also helps break through any regional blockades in the internet.

To make sure that everything works as should we have tested more TV and VOD sites via our French IP address and French VPN. These are sites you can currently unblock in France and watch with our new French IP address:



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