How to watch Wimbledon 2016 online in a secure way?

Last updated on June 29th, 2016 in News, VPN

watch Wimbledon 2016 onlineWe were all so focused on football that we have forgotten about another popular event – tennis! We hope you will forgive us this oversight. Today we will tell you how you can watch Wimbledon 2016 online in UK in truly secure way.

Where to watch Wimbledon 2016 online?

As with many popular events today, like with European Football Championship there is one perfect place to watch. BBC and its awesome BBC iPlayer service. BBC iPlayer can be accessed almost through any device – phone, tablet, game console or TV (in case you do not have cable or aerial at home). However – especially when you are not at home there are risks involved. This is why we will remind you all how to watch all your favourite tennis stars and remain secure at the same time.

Wimbledon tournament is held between 27.06 – 10.07

How to  watch Wimbledon 2016 online securely?

Tennis matches are quite often played during the day. For most of us that means being away from home and our fairly secure home internet connection. At the same time mobile data bundles are quite often way to small to use them for streaming TV content. Because of that we quite often look for public, unsecured, open Wi-Fi networks. And that can be very dangerous to our privacy and our sensitive data. One more possibility is that at your local network (at school or work) access to certain websites is blocked. If that is the case you are either at risk of loosing your privacy, identity, data or simply you will not be able to watch content you want.

There is easy solution for such problems. It is called VPN. When you access BBC iPlayer (or any other VOD or TV service) your IP address is being recognized as one being local (from the country of the service) or foreign. If the second happens you will not be able to watch content. Here is why we have for you UK VPN servers. When you get VPN service you will want to have access to the same type of IP address (from the same country) you have used before. Our UK IP and UK VPN will encrypt all your data and will make your real UK IP invisible. At the same time it will allow you to use all your favourite UK services and access local UK content. For those of you who want to get independent from Google or your ISP DNS service we have prepared special Smart DNS service. Smart DNS is available as stand alone product or is included in all our VPN packages.

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