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Last updated on November 28th, 2012 in News, VPN

free and openYou might not be aware of this but future of your Internet and personal freedom might be (again) at stake. It has not been long that World was talking about internet privacy, copyrights, logs, IP addresses when SPOA, ACTA and PIPA were discussed and almost introduced. Now we, the World Internet Community face a new threat.You all know that HideIPVPN is committed in helping you to maintain your privacy, security. We hide your IP so you can be safe at all times, we encrypt all your data transferred via VPN tunnel so wherever you are at home or using unsecured Free Wi-Fi  Hotspot you do not have to worry or limit yourself to anything.

We do not like “borders” and geo-location in the internet any more than you do. However it seems that (at least some) of our governments do. On 3rd of December there will be a big  conference organized by ITU. Quite few governments out there (Russia, China, Iran and few others) would love nothing else but to see “supervising” of the internet transferred to “independent” international organization. In reality it would mean even more and stricter borders in the internet than now. Countries like above mentioned would be able to say – “we censor our internet because of international regulations and recommendations”.

Who knows, if they will have their way you might be forced in future to use Premium VPN solutions at all times. In order to open site from any other region than your own you will need to change your IP address. Want to use google.com – get US IP, want to read news from UK – get UK IP. Not a cool vision, at all.

This is why you should let your voice be heard. Remember that at least some of the borders we can help you to cross. Join your community of VPN users and don’t let any one tell you what you can watch or access. Don’t be scarred if you want to download anything from the internet. We will take care of your anonymity (see p2p/torrent VPN).

Those of you who want to raise their voice, you are more than welcome to leave your comment or “Like” if you support what we think about it. You can also take action here.

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