Welcome HideIPVPN Android app v2

How to setup HideIPVPN app for Android v2

Important news for all HideIPVPN clients using Android devices. We are launching a new updated version of our free VPN application for Android – welcome to Android HideIPVPN app v2. As always, you can expect great internal improvements and some other changes, that should improve your overall VPN experience. 

What’s new?

We are very happy to give you newest version of our free VPN app, with new features, fresh look and fewer bugs in the code.  What’s new:

New design – what you will notice first are a new, updated design of the app and its interface. With the refreshed UI it will be easier, more pleasant to use. This should make our VPN service more user-friendly.


VPN protocol – as soon as you install new Android VPN application you will be able to take advantage of the new VPN protocol. Our free Android VPN app now supports IKEv2.

Smart Location – new, awesome function that you can already enjoy on Windows, macOS, and iOS. If you do not care about a specific location or IP address or for a specific country, if all you wish is just quickly to connect to VPN for security purposes, via the best route, use Smart Location and let our VPN application choose the best VPN server for you.

Sort by Speed – another great feature that you may have seen on your PC or Mac. Changed your location and wish to know which VPN server from the specific country will be the best to connect? Choose “Sort by speed” and you will see the fastest server on the top of the list.

Favorite Servers and Countries – got your own preferred VPN servers? Add them to your “Favourites” to connect to them with only a few touches of the screen

Sign in at the start – if you use VPN constantly, use option sign in automatically. The app will do the Sign In as soon as the system loads.

Connect VPN on the sign in – of course! Android VPN app can also automatically connect to specific VPN server, right after sign in!

Hide app on connect – Use “Hide on connect” – as soon as the connection is active app will disappear from your screen.

Reconnect if the connection dropped – stability of VPN connection is super important on a mobile device. It also depends on many factors outside of user control. We wanted to make sure your data and communications are secured at all times. With the new function, VPN app will reestablish dropped VPN connection automatically. That means that if you are online, your VPN will work.

Notifications – see all important news about updates, changes, promotions and all others stuff you should know about! It there is something you should know about VPN – you will.


Get new software, use VPN 24/7, try it free!

This is a detailed and simple to follow instruction, how to set up and use the new Android VPN app version.

Those of you that never used our VPN service are welcome to test all premium features for free. Click below to register your free VPN trial account.

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