WiFi networks are vulnerable to hacking

For quite some time now, we all assumed that the best way to setup secure Wi-Fi connection was with the use of WPA2 protocol. As you may know, recent day brought us shocking information about massive vulnerability in this security protocol. It simply means that WiFi networks are vulnerable to hacking. And it’s a real problem for all of us. Here is what you need to know about the issue. We will also try to show you, how you may additionally secure your data when you connect to WiFi netfworks. 

WiFi networks are vulnerable – why is this a problem?

As we wrote above, it is safe to assume that all “secured” WiFi networks these days are using WPA2 security protocol. We assumed that it made our networks secure. That only users with WPA password can access WiFi environment. The problem we face now is that it is not true. An unauthorized users can simply use the network without our knowledge. And not only use it to connect to the internet “for free”. Discovered flaw has far more reaching consequences. Let us quote after Wired.com

“[…] hackers could steal your passwords, intercept your financial data, or even manipulate commands to, say, send your money to themselves […]”

The newly discovered loophole is called KRACK.  It allows attacker to access your or any other WiFi network and read, steal or manipulate data that we assumed were secure. And as we said. Since WPA2 protocol is with us since 2004 and was assumed secure, we are talking about millions of networks that are vulnerable for hacking. The only good news there is, that in order to hack WiFi network with KRACK method, an attacker has to be in range of network he wants to hack.

WiFi networks are vulnerable to hacking – partial solution

If you wish to know specifics of how exactly the Key Reinstallation Attack is performed, we would refer you to the wired article above. What is important to know, that since the flaw is in WPA2 protocol itself it is safe to assume that all your phones – WiFi hotspot, routers and all other devices that can be used to create WiFi access point are affected. Not only that! If attacker can get to a WiFi network it can easily hack practically any WiFi enabled device – including Android, Linux and IoT devices.  So, can you do anything about the problem? Yes and no.

First, you should immediately check if there is a new software/firmware available for your device. At least bigger manufacturers will be presenting patches to fix the problem. Currently iOS and new Windows 10 are one of the most secure in this regard.

But what to do, if you can not “fix” your router this way? The only solution to additionally encrypt an secure your data in WiFi networks with the use of VPN service and VPN connection – click here if you wish  to know “What is VPN?”. If you have VPN connection active and the WiFi network you use will be cracked your data will have additional layer of security.

But please be aware, that quite often you will use WiFi networks that are not yours. In hotels, at friends house, at restaurant, etc. You will have no knowledge if the WiFi network you use have been patched. Or is it still vulnerable to hacking. Especially in such circumstances the use of secure VPN connection may be essential to your safety!

If you have any questions about our VPN and security of your data, feel free to get in touch with us. And if you wish to make your data secure now, click button below.



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