Would you give away your home address to a stranger?

We would like to ask you if  any of you would do what we ask in topic of this post? Would you go out with your details (like home address) clearly visible to any one? Or would you feel that this could be a violation of your privacy and safety. Such a thing could almost be treated as an invitation.

If you would not do such a thing in real life why do you think it is safe to do so in “virtual reality”? From today we will be reminding you in our every post that your IP is your ID, your digital signature, a trail clearly visible to anyone who might be interested – leading directly to you. The use of informations proved by the internet is more and more common. Till recently we have used it for our own good and knowledge but since only few years ago this information can also be used against us. Every word published on-line stays there. And there are companies specializing in specific on-line research – to fined out everything there is about the person.

This can be done by your current/future employee, boss, wife, husband, neighbour, corporation – almost anyone. Details provided by you on different web sites (Facbook, My Space, internet forums, etc) + are worth tice as much if they can be connected to specific IP address – to specific location (real world location), to specific person.

Maybe you wrote (or you will do so) opinion about your company, co-worker or a product. Not a good opinion. What would happen if it could be traced back to your door? Maybe you are a blogger writing about your local community – do you want everybody to know who is a real author? It is not this bad yet, but no one can tell how it will be tomorrow. The sooner you realize that your IP is something like your ID, sometnigh that is worth to keep secure and hidden the better. Better to be safe than sorry!

Yor IP is your ID


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Remember, all our packages will conceal your IP address. Keep your identity safe – it is the only one you have.

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