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You may remember that few days ago, on our Facebook Wall we have asked you, what you think about contest with “VPN prizes”. As we have got some positive answers from you we are ready to present you with some details. First, the most important thing – PRIZES! We hope we will not disappoint you here when we will confirm what you already suspected, Free NL VPN and Free US/UK VPN accounts will be the ones to win.There is small change however in regard of Free accounts. Our capacity to offer you free stuff is not unlimited. Not even the biggest companies in the world are giving away their products or services for free. HideIPVPN is a company and as such has to bring profit. On the other hand we do want to be different and we try to do our best to help as many of you as we can. Bearing all this in mind (can we mention the World Economic Crisis too – everyone else is) we would like to introduce two new Free accounts. Free VPN accounts we were giving away are now called Unlimited Free VPN but those will be available only on very special occasions. On all other days, like in this contest you will be able to win Limited Free VPN account that will be valid for 1 year. There are no other limits on those accounts. We hope you understand our position on this one.

Now, lets talk business – what is to be done to get such Free Limited VPN account? Unlike in previous editions of our giveaways and contests this time we think you will have an equal chance of “shooting for” Free VPN. There will be no rush (like when we did just straight giveaways) and no digging the internet for an answer. There is only one thing you need to have – an idea. Time for some more details.

If you want to get Free VPN account from us this is what you have to do:

Every now and than we will give you short notice about current subject/task/topic. Sometimes it will be a drawing, sometimes something to write – all depends on our ideas and needs :-). To find out what is the current/latest tsak simply follow our Facebook Wall or blog – all posts in this regard will have a common name: Current contest task.

After that all you have to do is to come up with brilliant idea of how to present what we want. Every time we have a Winner or Winners we will award you with Free Limited VPN account. You can send your work on Monday morning or Sunday evening – it does not matter (unless winners of the latest task is already presented). If we like it, the e-mail address you have used will be used for activation of VPN account. There are three, more informations you need to enclose in your message to us.

First – what sort of account you wish to get – NL or US/UK.

paste your “work” here 😉

Second – statement that you allow us to use your work for promotional purposes.

Three – we are the only judge’s of the contest and our decisions are final – no arguing (like on football field!)!

Simple? We think so. Easy… well not so much or rather that depends on your luck and your competition. We can assure you that we will check every message and if we like what you send to us you will be the first to know.

Any questions (ask them on Facebook or G+)? If not, get to work and send your best “ideas” to contact [at] – first task will be published this week.

Contest has no due date, it will run until we inform you otherwise.

Remember – you may win Free account in a week or in a month – in the mean time get yourself the best Premium VPN you can – HideIPVPN.

And do not forget to spread the word about our service to all that may need us – Their IP is Their ID!

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