Access USA Netflix again – don’t tell anyone!

Before we get to the main event of the post, let us start with two very important notifications. First of all this is a beta test. So, no promises, no complains. We need to test if the idea we have – for you to access USA Netflix – will work. So one more time, to emphasize – it is a beta access. Second of all do not tell anyone that you can unblock Netflix USA again. No… we are just kidding ;-). 

Why is it hard to access USA Netflix with VPN?

Since January 2016, almost right after Netflix global expansion to 130 countries around the globe Netflix went on war with VPN and Smart DNS providers. Content owners and local distributors were afraid they will loose a lot of money if people, using their Netflix subscription will have access to content from other regions. Netflix, under strong pressure and still dependent from the external content had no choice but to actively block any VPN or proxy access. And it succeed. But we may have found the way around the issue.

Access USA Netflix with VPN – details

Since we already spilled the beans let us say this one more time. Fully officially. It is now possible to access Netflix USA. However, there are some limitations. First of all, you will not be able – at least for now – use Smart DNS service to access Netflix US. Only VPN service. Second limitation is the fact, that Netflix US will only be available when you connect to our US2 server. On all other US VPN servers Netflix service is not available. Also, you need to understand that – like in the past – we can not guarantee that Netflix US will be accessible for you at all times. At least until this solution is marked as beta.

How can you watch US Netflix library?

We explain this for all first time visitors to our site, blog and VPN service. In order to access USA Netflix you need to subscribe to our VPN service. Once you account is active, please download free VPN apps for your system. Log in, fire up US2 VPN connection and access Netflix US from abroad. If you want to make sure it works before you subscribe to our VPN service, please click below and register your free trial VPN account.

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