How to watch World Cup 2018 online with VPN?

Last updated on June 7th, 2018 in News

The most anticipated and awaited football event is only days away. We are sure you are eager to find out how you may watch World Cup 2018 online using your VPN & Smart DNS accounts. To help you out with this we have created a small guide – How to watch World Cup 2018 online with VPN and Smart DNS. 

Why do you need VPN or Smart DNS to watch World Cup 2018 online?

Well, if you travel – for example during holidays. If you live in a country where World Cup 2018 online streams will not be available. If you wish to watch World Cup Games with a commentary in a different language. On all such occasions – but not only that – VPN and Smart DNS will be very useful. We can also imagine that on some occasions your local streams might not be available due to some technical issues and in such case, you will be able to use VPN in ordered not to lose even a second of the game action.

Remember, World Cup 2018 in Russia starts on 14.06 and will go on till 15.07. So, not much time left to get a good & reliable VPN service!

How watch World Cup 2018 online?

First of all, let us promise you, that we will do our best to update this post with additional sources as soon as we will learn about them. If you happen to know legal services streaming World Cup games online that are not listed below – please, let us know.

Basically, if you wish to access the online stream from another country than of your actual residence the best way to unblock access is through VPN. Simply connect to one of our VPN servers located in your desired country. Our VPN service will hide your real IP address and replace it with an IP address of the VPN server. This way all TV and VOD service will grant you access to its content and you will be able to watch World Cup 2018 online.

Where to watch World Cup 2018 online?

United Kingdom – connect to any of our UK VPN servers or fire up Smart DNS service and go to BBC iPlayer or ITV website to watch World Cup games online. You may also try and as both services may be broadcasting BBC and ITV channels online

USA – use any of our USA VPN servers and try Fox Sports 1 or fuboTV

Poland – the only place where we expect live games to show up is TVP website – it is still unclear if TVP channels will be broadcasted live by WP Pilot, currently TVP channels are not available there.

For other countries, here is complete list of broadcasters from countries around the globe. We suspect that most will offer online streams.

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