How to: watch Netflix on Windows Phone 8 with SmartDNS

Unblock Netflix WP8

This tutorial we will help you, to install and unlock Netflix with SmartDNS service on your Windows Phone 8 device .First, you need to setup HideIPVPN Smart DNS servers on your home router.

Before we start with WP8 and Netflix itself you need to setup SmartDNS on your home router. All tutorials of “How to” do it can be found in this links: SmartDNS TP-Link setup and SmartDNS D-Link setup. Once your setup is done and your Smart DNS account is working (you can take advantage of our 7 days Free Smart DNS trial), please make sure that your IP address is updated in our data base. Now you are ready to unlock netflix on your Windows Phone. 

1. Go to “Settings”.

Unlock Netflix WP8

2. Choose “Language + region”.

Unlock Netflix WP8

3. Change “Country/Region” to United States and click “Restart phone”.

Unlock Netflix WP8

4. When your phone reboots, go to Windows Marketplace.

Unlock Netflix WP8

5. Type “Netflix” in your Search Box.

Access Netflix WP8Access Netflix WP8 Unblock Netflix Windows Phone

6. When installed, you should see “Netflix” in your applications.

Netflix WP unlock

7. You are done! If SmartDNS service is properly installed on your router and your IP address updated you will have no problem in starting and using Netflix app on your Windows Phone 8 device. Simply log in and enjoy your shows.

Unblock Netflix Windows Phone

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