Mac OSX VPN and Windows VPN application

VPN OSX appWe are very proud to inform you about new VPN software available for your Apple Mac and Windows PC. We do not have to tell you (because you all know that), that HideIPVPN is always looking for a way to deliver better and more user friendly service. Introduction of brand new Mac and updated Windows software are proof of that. Windows VPN application is with us quite a long time. As good as it was, we thought we can make it better. We hope you will find its new look nice and that it’s usability has improved. It should be especially important for those (lucky ones) of you, who are using Windows 8, touch enabled devices. For now, application has the same functions as previous version but now, they should be much easier to use.

Mac OS X VPN application is a brand new add on to our service. Until now, Mac owners had to go through process of creation of VPN connections by hand. That was not very complicated but time consuming. Especially for those of you, with larger number of available VPN servers in their package. Now, both application for Windows and OSX have the same look (if you are using both systems you will feel right at home).

They both carry exactly the same features (with exception of SSTP protocol that is Windows exclusive) – you can easily change protocol of your connection, country from where you want your IP address to be and VPN server you want to connect to. Application can start with your system, can log in to your account automatically and start and kill tasks.

Last feature should be welcome by those of you who are using P2P and Torrent networks. If you want to make sure you make your downloads via VPN only, simply add program you use to “Application Killer”. If for whatever reason your VPN connection drops, our software will close this application for you. What’s more, once the connection is re-established it can restart the app. Choose your downloads, go to work and don’t worry – we will take care about rest ;-).

Follow the link if you wish to download and install HideIPVPN Windows VPN application. If you would like to see tutorial for this installation, click here.

Follow the link if you wish to download and install HideIPVPN Mac OS VPN application. If you would like to see tutorial for this installation, click here.

We do not need to tell you that both are VPN  apps are free for you to use! 🙂

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