New streaming service from SKY UK

nowtvHBO Go, Netflix, LoveFilm, Amazon Prime Instant, Hulu Plus all  these names are quite well known to those internet users who like to watch online movies and TV show. Streaming of video is new cool way to watch movies. And lets face it – it is so convenient one can not believe people could live without it. Looks like now we have a new player on the market and its name is NOWTV!  There are two major differences between Netflix / LoveFilm and Nowtv services. All three are available to UK (all our VPN packages with UK VPN servers will grant you access) users but price and their offer is not exactly the same. Where SKY’s NowTV goes for newest films, in so called “first pay TV window”, Netflix and Amazon owned LoveFilm shoots for the second one. This means, that with cheaper services you might expect your favourite films to show up with quite big delay  There is however above mentioned price difference. Where LoveFilm will cost you £4.99/month and Netflix £5.99/month with NowTV you have to splash out (after 30 days of free trial!! – use through our UK VPN servers) £8.99/month for first 3 months and £15!!!/month after. As we just said – all new customers can enjoy 30 days of unlimited streaming for free. After that you can start paying or leave the service. As with Netflix or HideIPVPN for that matter you can cancel or suspend your service at any time – no contract.

Although LovFilm seems to be the cheapest here there is a catch – not all films are included in your monthly subscription. For some newer titles you will have to pay extra.

If you want to use any of the above mentioned service all you need is credit card (as with Netflix most of the Visa, MC or American Express cards should be accepted) and UK address. We can not help you with the first one but the second one is not a problem – simply use Google (get a pub address or anything like that).

If you want to join HideIPVPN – no such hassle: choose your VPN package and look and payment options at the bottom of the page.

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