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Best VPN for Portugal

Unblock UK in PortugalToday we would like to give some advice about VPN to those of you living in Portugal. It does not matter if you are looking for ways to improve your English, or if English is your first language. Whichever is the reason you both want unblock UK TV and unblock US VOD services. But that might not be all. If you want to be invisible in the internet or simply would love to make anonymous downloads – HideIPVPN has a right product for you. Continue reading

How to watch Netflix in France

France NetflixBienvenue, aujourd’hui, quelques mots sur Netflix en France. Now, lets hope that Google Translate got this one right and that instead of Netflix we did not just invite you to a romantic dinner with candles. Today we will focus on one thing only. How to watch Netflix in France and why you should do it.  Continue reading

Do you need proxy with VPN?

Proxy VPNWe have no doubt that a lot of you are familiar with the name proxy or proxy server. Probably quite few of you have even looked in the past for free proxy server. In the past, before VPN got so popular, proxies where the best option to change IP. In those day people were not so much concerned with privacy issues but rather all they wanted was to access geographically sites. But are proxy connections and servers still needed today?  Continue reading

Proxy servers are the best for on-line TV

HideIPVPN Our users (in general) can be divided into two groups. First group is using VPN services mainly with security and safety in mind. They are cautious about data they share with world and about their online presence. Second group is a bit different. Their online presence is not as visible and Internet is mainly used to “consume” culture. This post should help second group get the best out of their Premium VPNContinue reading

Don’t forget about our proxy servers!

Although main reason for signing up with services like ours is the need for privacy or rather realization, that (as with lack of any antivirus software) what we do in the Internet might be very interesting to others. That our on-line identity it is smoothing we should take seriously. On the other hand with all the conspiracies going on around us we can not go completely bonkers and not everyone out there is after us. In such cases it is were our proxy servers might come handy. Continue reading

Anonymity by 4Chan founder – we agree

In Monday “The Telegraph” there is a very interesting interview with Mr. Christopher Poole. If you think about anonymity in the net there is one web site that comes in mind. It is 4Chan (you might want to find out few more facts about4chan and its community itself from here: ; and Now, back to actual interview (our own comment at the end). Continue reading

HowTo: Setup HTTPS proxy on Skype

1.  Open up Skype

2.  Go to the Tools menu.

skype over proxy

3.  Click “Connection Options.”

4.  Click “Advanced” in the left hand column on the new window that shows up. This window should be called “Skype™-Options.”

5.  Click “Connection” to configure your proxy settings.

skype over proxy

6.  In the drop-down menu that appears in the middle of the connection options, select the appropriate proxy type. You are given two options: SOCKS5 or HTTPS. You need to select HTTPS.

7.  In the text box labeled “Host,” write the desired VPN server (ex. – you have to check the email received when you have paid for the account)

8.  In the box labeled “Port,” write the port of the proxy 8080 or 3129 or 81 we give 3 different port numbers.

Check “Enable proxy authentication.” Write your username and password in the corresponding boxes below.

HowTo: Nokia N900 HTTP Proxy Setup Tutorial

In order to bring more value to our clients we provide proxy connections to our servers. This way, our premium users are able to browse anonymously in simple and easy way.

This post shows how to setup the HideIpVPN proxy to work with all browsers on Nokia N900.  Here are the steps to follow to get your N900 proxy:

1.  Connect to any Wi-Fi or GPRS/3G network.

2. Go to:  Main Menu -> Settings -> Internet connections -> Connections

3. Select active Wi-Fi or GPRS/3G connection and press Edit.

4. Press: Next -> Next -> Next then press on Advanced button.


5.  Under Proxies tab check “Use proxy”, in the same window, fill in the HTTP Proxy and the Port (check you email you have received when you have paid for the account to see the available proxies or use IP address instead of hostname and the port 3129 or 8080 or 81) (take a look to the previous picture). and press Save button then press Finish then Done. Continue reading