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What is the best way to unlock UK TV for Americans?

America, USA in particular has the biggest streaming market in the world, there is few other countries that might interest our American friends. We will also tell you what other benefits, (especially for you) is linked with unlocking access to […]

How to hide IP – quick guide (part 2)

Last week we have posted a short article about “How to hide IP address”. In first part of article we have tried to explain what is IP address and why making your IP  address invisible (hiding IP, change of IP […]

How to hide IP – quick guide (part 1)

On our blog we talk a lot about online privacy, anonymity, dangers in the internet. We know that a lot of our visitors is coming to our blog for quick information and advice about how to change IP, how to […]

VPN is important for your privacy – public Wi-Fi

We talk a lot about on-line privacy, need for additional safety, we inform you how to hide IP, how to stay invisible, about dangers in the internet. Today we would like to quote few thing from “National Cyber Security Alliance” […]

Big Halloween promotion & contest!

 Holiday season is almost here so time for first promotion. If you are serious about your privacy, anonymity and using internet without borders – join best VPN provider –  HideIPVPN today and save!

US users – fight for your privacy and freedom!

Today just a short note for all our potential clients from US. In the light of recent events  and news regarding NSA and PRISM we would like to emphasize, that there is only one thing that can help protect your […]

Autumn HULU & Windows 8.1 news

Few days have passed and now we all (Windows 8 users) can enjoy free update to brand new Windows 8.1. Personally author of this article has to admit that new Windows seems like a step in right direction and definitely […]

Few tips to protect your online privacy

Online safety, identity theft, “big data”, hackers, spam, phishing, initiatives like SOPA, ACTA, PRISM, etc. Internet today can be a very dangerous place. Some say we live in “post-pc” era. We use internet daily, only many devices, we share data with […]

Win Free VPN or Premium SmartDNS!

We have been asked a lot in recent weeks about our great Free VPN offers. And indeed, so much have happened recently at HideIPVPN, that we have neglected a bit contest with VPN as a prize. As you know, our […]

Is your ISP spying on you? – CAS reminder

Internet privacy in US – non existent? If you care to search our blog for CAS (Copyright Alert System) you will find we have wrote about it back in February this year. We have learned from newly joined users from […]

Unlock British TV – access your Sky channels from anywhere!

As you may remember few days ago we have unlocked for all of you free and unlimited access to Sky’s NowTV service. Right now if you got account with this service you can enjoy full access to all VOD movies […]

Unlock CBS – official app for Windows 8

CBS is one of Americas biggest TV stations. It started as radio station (in era before cable TV). Right now it bring one of the most popular TV series to its viewers. Because of that a lot of people is […]

Unlock British TV – SmartDNS improved again

HideIPVPN is the best VPN and Smart DNS provider in the internet. We have no doubt about this. Only our VPN plans give you freedom you need, flexibility you want and anonymity you look for. And only our SmartDNS service […]

Unlock British TV – Channel 4 and more… UK

As you remember from few days ago, we have started new cycle on our blog, about UK VOD and video streaming sites. All UK TV services we mention can be easily unlocked from any place in the world, for you […]

New technologies are not perfect!

Few days have passed since Apple’s big day. New iPhones 5s and 5c has been shown and (in case of some countries) are already in the shops. Reports from Apple shown that new models, combined with iOS7 have yet again […]

Unlock British TV – ITV UK

Since our posts recently has focused manly on Netflix – how to unlock Netflix, how to watch Netflix outside of USA, how to access different Netflix libraries, etc. As well ass all security and privacy concerns you might have like […]

Piracy “helps” Netflix + thing to know about Holland

Does service like Netflix needs further introduction? We do not think so, but in order to be on the safe side (Netflix, we will give you some free marketing now 😉 ), in case you have just started using Internet […]

Best VPN for new iPhone and iOS7

Apple’s big day is behind us. We know everything where new iPhone 5s and 5c are concerned. We bet, HideIPVPN  readers are divided between iOS, Android and Windows fans. With that in mind let us not take sides in this […]

US IP – unlock US – why and how?

“Land of free and the home of the brave” – USA. For many people around the world the ultimate goal. For internet users USA is a country with the best VOD and music sites and services. Simply the most seek after […]

Plenty of action this weekend!

From time to time HideIPVPN brings you some news and reminders about what to watch on TV from UK unlocked sites as well as US unblocked VOD services. On other times we advise you why you should hide your IP […]

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